About Carolyn – The Hiking Traveler

About me

I was born. Therefore I hike.

That is the short version of who I am. But following is a more in-depth description of me.

I grew up on a couple of ranches in Northern California. I was fortunate enough to have raised sheep, cattle, a pig, chickens, horses, cats and dogs. Being away from the big city lights and exploring outdoors is second nature to me. But just so I had something to contrast it, after graduating from college I lived in New York City, on the upper east side of Manhattan. My apartment was a 338 square-foot studio. This was totally different.

For as long as I can remember I dreamed of traveling, but was unsure of my ability to venture out on my own. Moving to The Big Apple independently was certainly a step in the right direction. Next — I bought a ticket around the world on Qantas & TWA airlines. Over a span of 8 months I visited Tahiti, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Western Europe and Great Britain. It was a truly life-changing experience. I couldn’t wait do solo travel again.

So, 35 years later, I am back at it. Actually, I did dabble in the travel and tourism industry over the years. After returning from my round-the-world adventure I became a New York City guide. I led camping tours around the USA — 3 weeks New York to Los Angeles. I became a travel agent and even worked at a hotel front desk for less than a year. My international travel included a group trip (organized by me) to the Copper Canyon in Mexico. And a family vacation in Australia.

This time around, I’ll be spending less time in the cities and museums and more time outdoors hiking along popular and lesser known paths. The type of trails I’m seeking are close to public transportation and inexpensive accommodation, such as a hostel.

My first long hike was in 2016 on The West Highland Way in Scotland. I walked with 4 friends from village to village for 96 miles for 8 days. I loved the experience. There are many, many more trails that are similarly situated and I will be recording my adventures of hiking them in this blog.

I would love to hear from you  please feel free to ask questions or leave comments. I promise to respond the next time I am in a location with WiFi.

Thank you for joining me.